BPA is the acronym for bisphenol A, a material property that makes plastic stronger.  When used to store water or food, BPA may leach, causing long-term adverse health effects.  Research suggests that exposure to BPA may cause possible risks to the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children.  Further research also suggests a possible link between BPA and cancer, as well as increased blood pressure.

Although studies indicate that there is reason to avoid products with BPA, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that BPA is safe at very low levels.  If you are using FDA-approved food-grade safe plastic that contain BPA, you can mitigate health risks by storing away from heat & direct sunlight.

If you are concerned about BPA contamination, you can take the following steps to reduce your exposure:

  • Use BPA-free products:  BPA-free products are more widely available on the market today, so you’ll have a lot of options.
  • Cut back on cans:  Reduce your use of canned foods since most cans are lined with resin containing BPA.
  • Avoid heat:  The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, part of the National Institutes of Health, advises against microwaving polycarbonate plastics or putting them in the dishwasher, because the plastic may break down over time and allow BPA to leach into foods.
  • Use alternatives:  Use lead-free glass, porcelain or stainless steel containers for hot foods and liquids instead of plastic containers.

The Water Market offers a wide-range of BPA-Free plastic bottles in sizes from .5-5 gallons.

If you prefer to avoid plastic all-together, we also offer lead-free Italian & American-made glass bottles in sizes from .5-5 gallons.

Word of CAUTION:  Since BPA is what makes plastic stronger and has been removed, please handle BPA-Free bottles with extra care to avoid cracking bottles, especially when filled with water.  One gallon of water weighs approximately 8lbs, so be sure to set your bottles down gently & strap them in for the ride home.  

*Our polycarbonate plastic bottles are rated food-grade safe by the FDA.*