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Water Deionization

By February 18, 2019 No Comments

Deionization is simply an ion-exchange process in which water flows through special-manufactured ion exchange resin beads. Cation/positive charged ion resin exchanges hydrogen ions (H ) for positive ions, and anion/negatively charged resin exchanges hydroxide ions (OH-) for negative ions.

So basically deionization entails removal of electrically charged (ionized) dissolved substances by binding them to positively or negatively charged sites on a resin as the water passes through a column packed with the resin beads.  This process is called ion exchange and can be used in different ways to produce deionized water of various qualities.

We utilize a proprietary resin, which is not only effective in removing fluoride and hundreds of other harmful chemicals, but is the most effective resin for removing harmful chloramines, which are nearly impossible to remove from treated water.  Chloramines are a chemical compound that are a result of using chlorine & ammonia in water treatment.

Where there is water, there is life.  Where there is clean water, there is quality of life.