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Temporary Hours, Water & Bottle Availability…

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We will be closed Christmas Eve, Fri, December 24th & Christmas Day, Sat, Dec 25th.  We will be open for regular business hours on Sunday, Dec 26th from 10am-4pm.

We will be closed New Year’s Eve, Fri, December 31st & New Year’s Day, Sat, Jan 1st.  We will be open for regular business hours on Sunday, Jan 2nd from 10am-4pm.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Remember, where there is water, there is life; where there is clean water, there is quality of life.  Cheers!

Monday, July 19, 2021
We recently received heartbreaking news that three of our employees will no longer be with us starting at the beginning August (next month). Thu is honoring her parents wishes to solely focus on graduating college and will be attending school full time, Michelle is graduating from college & taking a full-time position in her field of studies, and Ngan is getting married and moving out of state. As many of you know, our amazing employees have been with us for years and are truly family to us, as well as to many of you. As devastating as this news is, we knew that this day would eventually come. We will sorely miss each one of them, but more importantly, we want the best for their new journey in life and we fully support their exciting future endeavors.

With the girls now moving on, you will be seeing more of Dan & I, however, due to the shortage in staff, we will be making some minor changes to our store hours, as Dan & I run the equipment maintenance/operations in the early hours before opening & late hours after closing. We also have other personal & business obligations outside of running the store, so we hope that everyone will understand. Our Sunday hours may be the biggest change at some point, because Dan & I attend church on Sunday mornings, so we may eventually change our hours to close the first half of the day, then opening from 1-5pm after church service…we’ll keep you posted.

New temporary hours effective August 1, 2021:
Mon-Thu: 10am-6pm
Fri, Sat & Sun: 10am-4pm

On the upside, prior to the sad news of the girls departing, we had been contemplating adjusting our hours since we re-opened after being closed due to Covid shut-downs.  If you recall, after the panic of the pandemic, we quickly sprung into action to install four new 24/7 outside vending bays, in addition to the four we already had, in order to allow us to continue serving the much-needed clean water to our community. Our new vending machines were quickly adopted by everyone and they served their purpose well…so well that even after we re-opened our doors for business, the majority of our customers who used to fill up inside during open business hours, were continuing to favor using the machines due to their convenience. With the fact that the new machines accept credit cards, Apple Pay, Debit & cash, as well as being just steps from parking, made filling up more easy than it has ever been.  With this major shift in how customers now fill their bottles, this obviously led to lighter customer traffic inside of our store, so we recognized that we were taking on more overhead by staying open longer than there was demand for. With this observation & the necessity to keep overhead & prices low, we feel it is no longer advantageous to have our doors open for such long hours, which do dramatically increase our overhead & has many times left us struggling to coordinate enough staffing to meet these hours. We believe that everything in life has it’s seasons and everything happens for a reason, so we will take their departure as confirmation that changes are necessary at this time.

Thank you in advance for your patience & understanding, and for your continued support over the years. We look forward to serving you & our community for many years to come!


Lauren & Dan

Thursday, March 18, 2021

We are so grateful for the many customers who have been so patient and understanding during the Covid restrictions, which we are required by law to abide by, so thank you for helping us stay in business, as well as compliant.  Currently, if you would like your bottles filled inside, we are more than happy to fill them for you.  Once your bottles are filled, due to physical liability to or staff, you will be invited inside the store to retrieve your bottles from the filling station. Please have a mask available when entering the store. If you would like to fill your own bottles, our eight vending bays are extremely fast & easy to use with convenient up-front parking.  Learn more about our vending machines & payment options HERE. Thank you for your continued support.  Please tell your friends, family & neighbors about us! We look forward to seeing your at your next fill!

We are fully stocked on 5 gallon PC, BPA-free & Italian glass bottles. We have most other sized bottles in PC, BPA-free & Italian glass as well.  Feel free to visit or call us to find out what we currently have in stock.

Monday, Sept 21, 2020

UPDATE – We are so excited to announce that Credit, Debit & Apple Pay are finally back up & running on all vending machines!  Yay!!!

Although the network is back up and running, our credit processing provider is still experiencing intermittent processing issues, so it is still a good idea to have cash on you, especially since we just had an earthquake the other night too. During business hours you can also use Venmo or Zelle.

MON – THU: 10am – 7pm
FRI – SUN: 10am – 5pm

Thank you so much for your patience. We look forward to seeing you soon!

By the way, while you are here, be sure to check out our page on emergency preparedness…you can never be too prepared.  We also give out FREE Emergency Pamphlets at our store.  Please feel free to pick up some for yourself, friends, family & neighbors.




Friday, Sept 18, 2020

CREDIT CARD processing is temporarily DOWN. Please bring CASH to use vending machines. Venmo or Zelle payment is available during business hours.

MON – THU: 10am-7pm
FRI – SUN: 10am-5pm

The credit card processing company is currently experiencing network issues. They are troubleshooting & have yet to inform us when their network will be back up. We will privide an update when the issue is resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you in advance for understanding. ?


Click here for details about our vending machines, including how to operate them.

Tue, June 23, 2020: Hi everyone! We can’t tell you how wonderful it has been being open again for the past month or so! Although our hours are still limited due to COVID, we are so grateful to be seeing our customers again, keeping our employees on payroll and having a sense of great purpose everyday…these simple things sure go a long way to help us get through these tough times. Thank you for your continued support!!!

As much as we’d like to get back to our regular hours and allowing customers back in the store to fill their own bottles, we’re following the health recommendations and trying to strike a fine balance between getting everyone water in a expedient manner, which respects health & safety recommendations, while ensuring that we are also staying safe & not overexerting ourselves while working with our PPE on.  With the 6 feet distance recommendation still in effect, allowing customers into the store to fill their own bottles again, makes it a bit more challenging to adhere to safety guidelines, therefore, we are continuing to fill bottles for customers, while wearing masks & gloves to ensure your safety & ours.

Because we are lifting heavy bottles throughout the day & wheeling them on carts back out to customers, all while wearing masks & gloves, and sanitizing our gloves in between, it has been extremely tough for us to work long hours, so for now, although we are open 7 days again, we can only do limited hours, as we are simply exhausted & beat by the end of each shift. We thank you in advance for understanding, as we do our best to keep you supplied with water during these tough times. When our doors are open during the posted temporary business hours, please do not hesitate to bring your bottles to the front door for us to fill for you…we’d love to see you!!!

Currently, there are no limits to how many bottles we can fill for, other than 1 gallon bottles. There is a 10 BOTTLE LIMIT if you would like us TO FILL 1 GALLON BOTTLES for you inside the store, as it is extremely difficult to man individual 1 gallon bottles, while also assisting other customers with their bottles, as well as managing other aspects of the business operations. If you have more than 10 bottles, we’d be more than happy to take 10 off your hands to fill inside, while we loan you a cart to set your bottles on, to fill the rest outside at the vending machines…this makes for quick & easy teamwork! Winning!!!


Tomorrow, Thu, May 7, 2020: From 7am-12pm, we are so excited to finally be installing a new uber smart, powerful & efficient pump, which can withstand the most grueling water supply demands!  Accordingly, there will be NO access to water at the vending machines or the faucets during the hours of 7am-12noon tomorrow. If you are running low on water, please be sure to fill up tonight, before 7am tomorrow or after 12pm.

If you need Alkaline water, we have 1 gallon jugs available for $2, while supplies last.

Thank you in advance for your understanding & patience.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!

For the most current updates, follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @HBWaterMarket

Wed, May 6, 2020:
UPDATE: Our electricians are such experts & efficient, we’re way ahead of schedule today, so all vending machines are already back up and running, and we’ll be open to fill your bottles inside the store from 11am-3pm today.

New temporary hours until further notice:
Mon & Wed: 11am-3pm
Tue & Thu: 12pm-7pm
Fri, Sat & Sun: 10am-5pm

Today, May 6th from 5am-2pm we will be partially CLOSED for electrical service, in preparation to install an upgraded pump, so that we can best be prepared to fully re-opening our doors for regular business very soon.

We will have one of our Ultra Purified vending machines available for use all day today, so come on over for a fill!

If you are in need of Alkaline water, we have 1 gallon jugs available for $2 until supplies last.

Thank you for your understanding & patience. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tue, April 28, 2020:
HEADS UP!!! This THURSDAY, NO WATER available at vending or in store from 9am-3pm, due to installation of two new vending machines.

The great news is, we’ll soon have a total of six filling bays of our Ultra Purified Water, instead of just two!!!

Because we never know when, or if another emergency/lockdown will happen, and all of our awesome customers have been so kind, amazing & supportive during this time, we wanted to thank you by giving back to our community through providing more convenient access to the cleanest water in SoCal. Now, there will be zero to little wait & more convenience with non-cash options.

Our Ultra Purified Water prices will remain only 30 cents per gallon. It’s only increased 5 cents in the nearly 26 years we’ve been serving our community. Thank you for allowing us to keep our prices low & quality high through your referrals, on-line reviews & social media. If you haven’t already shared a review about us, we’d love to hear about your experience/opinion about our water, business, service, employees, etc.  High volume keeps our doors open! ?❤?

We’ve listened to your feedback about the difficulty of having cash on hand for vending, so for your convenience, our new machines will accept CREDIT, DEBIT,  APPLE PAY & CASH! Of course the credit card company will charge a small convenience fee of 15 cents per transaction, but it’s still much lower in cost than store-bought water, and you’re getting much cleaner & fresh water too.

Thank you in advance for your understanding while we install on Thu. ?

PLEASE SHARE this info, so that all of your friends, neighbors & family know to fill after 3pm on Thu.

Thu, April 23 – OPEN STORE HOURS!!!  In the past couple of weeks, we started filling bottles for customers on the inside during different  days & hours while we were at the store working on projects, so it was really nice to see our customers again. Based on having experienced how we can assist customers during this time, while still being able to maintaining the recommended safety guidelines, we feel we are in a better position this week to start implementing some regular hours again.

Temporary hours as of TODAY, Thu, April 23rd:
Mon: 11am-3pm
Tue: 3-7pm
Wed: 11am-3pm
Thu: 3-7pm
Fri: 10am-5pm
Sat: 10am-3pm
Sun: 10am-3pm

The outside vending machines will still be running 24/7, however, during the hours listed above, if you would like us to fill your bottles on the inside, please feel free to wait by the front door and we would be more than happy to assist you…we miss seeing everyone!  We’ll bring your bottles inside, while you wait outside, and roll them back out on a cart when we are done filling. We are testing out these limited hours to see how things go, as we’ve learned that doing things this way is extremely physical work, and wearing masks and gloves makes it difficult to breathe as well as difficult to stay cool, so after a few hours of this, we are beat, so thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to navigate our new best practices for serving our community.

We are also please to announce that in the next week or two, we will be installing two new Purified Water vending machines next to our existing one, which will give us a total of six bays for our customers’ convenience.  These two machines will accept cash, as well as credit card, in case you do not have cash on hand. The credit card company will charge a 15c fee per transaction, but for the convenience, it’s well worth paying that small fee. Filling a 5 gallon bottle is $1.50 + the 15c fee is still only $1.65, which is extremely reasonable.

We look forward to seeing everyone!

Thu, April 2 – Although we remain closed due to advisories, we continue to work from behind the scenes to maintain our water production at the highest levels, as well as work on everything else we can to help improve your safety and user-experience at our 24/7 vending machines.

Yesterday, we put down orange tape on the ground outside, six feet apart, to help encourage users of vending machines to keep the recommended distance while waiting. We also changed out the buttons on the machines, to ensure that the machines are reliably & consistently dispensing water with every fill. We also installed a new digital display, so that users can more clearly see the amount of money being inserted.

Previously, we asked that only one person/family use one bay at a time when filling, so that the next person could use the other bay, however, with the advisories to keep at least six feet of distance from others, we have revised our guidelines for utilizing our vending machines. Click here for new guidelines and other information about use of machines.

We are also so excited to announce the completion of the installation of our new additional 300 gallon reverse osmosis reserve tank! We’ve been working tirelessly since last week to complete this huge project so that we can be better equipped to continue serving our community during this challenging time, as well as in the event of another emergency like an earthquake. See our earthquake emergency preparedness guidelines here. We also published free pamphlets to share with our community.

We now have 5 gallon Polycarbonate Bottles available! We were only able to obtain a very limited amount, so we are limiting 2 bottles per household, until our supply chain can provide more. These bottles are limited for sale only to customers who fill at our business. Unfortunately, 5 gallon BPA-free bottles are not yet available. We will keep you posted when they become available. If you would like to purchase bottles, please contact us at to arrange a purchase.

We are happy to schedule fills for our SENIOR customers who have difficulty using the vending machines and do not have local support from family or neighbors. You can wait in the comfort of your car, while we take your bottles inside to fill.  Please feel free to email us at or slide a note in our door with your contact info and we’ll be in touch with you. We’re at the store numerous times throughout the day and night, so your note will picked up by us in a timely manner.

We miss seeing you all and hope to have our doors open again very soon. Till then, please stay safe & well.

All the best,

Lauren, Dan & Staff

Sat, March 21 until further notice:  Due to the strong advisory to avoid large crowds and the continued spread of COVID19, we feel that the most socially responsible action for us to take is to remain CLOSED, as the we are still able to provide the “essential” part of our business, which is access to clean water, through our 24/7 vending machines. We will continue to maintain the “essential” part of our business on the inside, which is equipment maintenance, that allows us to continue producing clean water. This is a tough call for us as a business, as we still have rent, payroll & other overhead to consider, however, with your continued support, we know that we will get through even better than before. Having our doors closed and utilizing vending only at this point will dramatically decrease the chances of the virus spreading through community, and allow us and our staff to remain healthy, so that we can continue serving our community from behind the scenes. We are approaching this virus pandemic with as much seriousness as we take in our protocol for producing clean & healthy water to the general public. We will continue to practice the most responsible & ethical business practices in order to do our part to help ensure that our community remains safe & healthy. Thank you in advance for your continued support & understanding. We miss seeing you all and look forward to resuming normal business hours again soon! Stay well & keep your chin up!

Fri, March 20 – Although it pains us, we remain CLOSED due to the strong advisory to stay away from large crowds in order to prevent unnecessary risk of spreading the virus. Rest assured, that we are continuing to do everything we can ensure that our community continues to have access to clean healthy water. As we often say, “where there is water, there is life; where there is clean water, there is quality of life”. We’re here for you!

We are determined not to let this challenging time go to waste, so we are personally tasking ourselves & as a business to come out of this even better, more efficient & productive than we ever have been before. We have been working feverishly to increase our capacity to produce more water in order to serve the increased demand to our community. Today, we will be adding an additional Reverse Osmosis water tank with a 300 gallon reserve capacity, to ensure that we can continue to meet your needs for clean water, and to ensure that when we are given the green light to reopen our doors, we can provide high-volume of water in a timely manner…without burning out a pump again like last Friday.

We are also working on rebuilding our inventory of bottles. Within the next few days, we hope to have a supply of 5 gallon bottles. Our suppliers are limiting us on the number of bottles that we can purchase at this point, so our supply will be small & we will be limiting how much we can sell per household, so that we can ensure as many families as possible have an opportunity to have clean affordable water. Our suppliers have had rates from the manufactures increased, due to the rushed production & expedited delivery demand, so we are not making any money on our bottle sales, and in some cases, we are losing money, as we are doing everything we can to avoid passing the full added cost onto many who are already struggling to get by. With this in mind, we will reserve bottles sales to return customers purchasing water from us, as a simple thank you for your continued support over the years, and this is part of our plan to recoup our loses through continued long-term repeat business.

Thank you in advanced for your understanding, patience and continued support, as we remain fluid in our day-to-day operations. We will remain serving, while helping to keep our community, ourselves and staff healthy & safe, so that we can all come out of this healthy, stronger & more resilient. As I mentioned in my last update, we will continue to pay our staff during this time, to ensure that they do not suffer any financial hardship, so we thank you in advance continued support & patience utilizing our vending machines. This too shall pass & we will continue to be here for you…God willing, we look forward serving you & our community for another 25+ years.

Other than staying put in our homes, it may also be a good idea to reinforce our immune system with vitamin C, garlic pills, echinacea, etc. These will not prevent you from getting the virus, however, if you have a strong immune system, you will have a better chance of combating against & recovering from any cold or flu virus that comes your way. I personally like Buffered C-Complex powder, which I have been mixing into a glass of our Alkaline water each morning before going about my day. I also like Kyolic Garlic, which both vitamin C & garlic can be found in a variety of brands on Amazon. As many of you know, I also drink our Alkaline water, Aqua Bella, daily for most of the day, especially during cold & flu season, as it is has so many amazing components, including anti-bacterial, it is very high in anti-oxidants, detoxifies, and so much more. Knock on wood, but since drinking Aqua Bella, I have not gotten sick, other than when I do not have access to Aqua Bella during travel. It is a little bit more expensive ($2/gallon) than our .30/gallon purified water, but I can vouch for it’s weight in gold, since I have not had any downtime or doctor co-pays due to a cold or flu. Many of us easily spend 4-5 times that much on things that aren’t even necessary or good for us…what’s your health worth?…some food for thought, from me to you! Plus, there’s rarely every a wait at the Alkaline vending. Stay well & keep your chin up! I’ll be keeping you posted…

Please read our previous post below, to learn how we can help the elderly and physically disabled during this time.

Wed, March 18 – We are CLOSED, but have 24/7 vending available. As many of you know, in the past week, during our regular open business hours, we’ve had large crowds line up outside our door for water & bottles, for which we were able to serve in a timely manner and were able to ensure that each person was able to leave with water. Because of these large crowds, we have decided to remain close and continue to offer water through our vending machines. While we are closed for business, we will continue to pay our employees, to ensure that they do not experience financial hardship, so we want to thank you in advance for your continued support by utilizing our vending machines, so that we can continue to keep things running during this time.

For our ELDERLY & PHYSICALLY DISABLED customers who have no local help from family or neighbors, please contact us in advance to schedule a visit to the store. You can remain in the comfort of your car, while Dan & I fill your bottles and bring them out to you. If you have able-bodied help, please have them fill bottles at the vending machines, so that we can serve those who have ZERO help or support. Please email us at to schedule a visit. If you do not have access to email, please slide a note in our door with your contact information, as we are at the store throughout the day & night keeping equipment maintained. If you see us inside, feel free to knock and let us know that you need help filling. We are more than happy to help!
***Unfortunately during these crazy times, we have seen our fair share of selfish & irrational behavior, so please do not abuse the privilege of scheduling a visit if you do not meet the requirements, because you will be leaving without water and you will be banned from using vending, as well as ask not to ever come back again. Thank you in advance for your cooperation & consideration of other’s in our community.

Please check on your elderly & disabled neighbors to see if they need help and give them reassurance that they have support nearby. This is a jarring & frightening time for many, especially our elderly and disabled. Thank you in advance for your kindness & generosity.

I want to assure everyone that there is NO SHORTAGE of WATER. There is no reason to panic or worry that we will run out…we are working night and day to ensure that you will continue to have access to clean water.

Please do not panic…there is NO SHORTAGE of FOOD or TOILETTE PAPER, so please don’t buy what you don’t need, so that others who do need these items have access. Grocery stores are simply having a challenging time restocking their shelves fast enough, due to the extremely high demand for basic necessities. The goods are there…they just need time to restock. I ran into a customer outside our store yesterday who was telling me how she cannot find any toilette paper anywhere and she has zero for herself and children. I was fortunate enough to have one new roll inside of my store, so I gave it to her. Please think about others in our community who also need the very basic supplies to get by day to day.

Tue, March 17 – Due to the advisory not to gather in large group settings or expose yourself to more than 10-25 people at a time, we are taking measured & responsible action and keeping our doors closed until further notice, so that we can do our part to help keep the general public safe, as well as ourselves & our staff. We will keep our vending machines and equipment maintained and running 24/7 during this time to ensure that you are able to get access to clean water for you and your loved ones. There is no need to worry about lack of water, as we will keep the production going around the clock. By the way, the 5 gallon button on B side of the purified machine is out of order, but you can still get 5 gallons. Insert .90 & select 3 gallons, then insert .60 cents & select 2 gallons = 5 gallons.

Time is money, so if you want to avoid long lines at the Purified vending machine, I would highly recommend you to utilize the Alkaline vending machine to get our Aqua Bella Alkaline water, as it rarely has a wait and it can receive credit cards & cash ($1 & $5 bills). Our specially formulated Alkaline water is great during cold & flu season, as it is has anti-bacterial components, detoxifies, fortified with nano-minerals, oxygenated and is very high in antioxidants. I drink this daily, all day long and never get sick, however, when I travel and can’t take it with me, I inevitable catch a cold.  It is a little more expensive, but for only $2/gallon (1 gal=$2 / 2gal=$4 / 3gal=$6 / 5gal=$10) it will pay for itself right away by keeping you healthy and saving you time in line.  If you think about it, many people often spend nearly $2 for a 16oz bottle of regular water, which has none of the many benefits that our proprietary Aqua Bella water has.  Also, we have been preaching this for years, in the event of any emergency, you should hang onto your cash if at all possible, as we do not know when and if banks will close. Cash is king…

We will very much miss seeing you all daily and looking forward to returning back to normal business hours soon. Please stay well and safe.  We will update when we can safely open our doors again.

Best regards,

Lauren, Dan & Staff

We are not able to get 5 gallon plastic bottles at all right now.  We do have 5 gallon Italian glass. We currently have 1, 2 & 3 gallon size bottles. We will update our website as soon as we are able to get more. Although our suppliers have raised our bottle prices on in the past few days, all of our bottle prices remain the same. We have no plans to raise our prices during this shortage, as we want our community to have affordable access to water.

Monday, March 16 – Open 10-3pm: We are trying to fairly distribute water & bottles to our community. Please wait outside in line until called into the store.  We are allowing limited number of people in at one time. If you need to purchase bottles, please also wait in line; Please do not come into the store until your turn.

Please DO NOT RINSE BOTTLES or OVERFLOW. Please come in with clean bottles. Due to the unusually high demand for water, it has been extremely challenging to produce enough water to meet the demand.  Please be considerate to our efforts to serve our community, and please have courtesy for others who also need to supply their families with water. If this policy is a problem for you and you do not want to help in our efforts, please use the vending machines outside or go buy water somewhere else…We reserve the right to REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY  for selfish entitled knuckleheads…and this applies 24/7 –  365 days. 

(We have been sleeping 2-4 hours max a night in order to keep our systems running, so that we can serve our community, so we really appreciate everyone’s cooperation & understanding.)  

Due to heavy advisory against large gatherings, we are trying to be as responsible as we can for the good of our community as a whole.  We will be open for limited hours today from 10am-3pm to serve those who do  not currently have water. The line will be cut off at 2:30 PM. Our vending machines are open all day 24/7. Please use vending machines instead of coming into the store if you can. Please only come into the store if you are need in need of purchasing a new bottle. 

NO WAITING IN LINE FOR THE FOLLOWING: Purchasing ICE ($2.20+tax), or pre-filled 1 gallon jugs ($1.16+tax).

We will keep everyone updated about store hours/status for tomorrow and the following days as we learn more about advisories.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Lauren, Dan & staff

Sunday, March 15: Can I just say “Yay! We survived Saturday!” Ok, back to business…We will be open during regular business hours from 10am – 5pm. Vending machines are in operation. We’re limiting 10 gallons max fill per wait in line. You can wait in line unlimited number of times to fill 10 more gallons.

The 5 gallon button on the B side of the Purified Vending is currently down…for now. You can process two transactions to fill 5 gallons on B side (3 gallons + 2 gallons).

Alkaline Vending is smooth sailing and almost never a wait. This is my favorite water to keep me healthy, energized, well-hydrated & plumps up my skin & lips!…if you haven’t tried it, you should! That’s an inside tip from me to you…XO, Lauren

If you would like to bypass the line and purchase a small supply of water, we have pre-filled 1 gallon jugs for $1.25 each. Maximum 2 per person while supplies last.

If you just need Diamond ICE, there’s no waiting, just come on in! We produce our own purified chemical-free ice, so there’s never any worry about a shortage.


We have 3 a descent supply of 1, 2 & 3 gallon bottles in a variety of options while supplies last.

We are currently out of 5 gallon PC & BPA-free bottles, however, we do currently have plenty of 5 gallon Italian glass bottles.

We have plenty of lids of all shapes and sizes.

Saturday, March 14th…We are up and running!  Faucets & vending are in operation.  We’re limited to a 10 gallon fill per wait in line.  You can wait in line unlimited times to fill 10 more gallons.  See you soon!

Friday, March 13, 2020
As many of you are aware, earlier today around 3pm, we completely ran out of purified water, so unfortunately, we had no choice but to closed our doors & shut down the vending machines for a few hours in order to produce more water.  After producing water for about 1.5 hours, we realized that our delivery pump was damaged, due to being overworked and running nonstop for too many consecutive hours.  Although we were able to produce more purified water, we were not able to pump purified water to our faucets or vending machines.

For a short while, all we had was Alkaline water available, but that was short-lived, as we quickly ran out of Alkaline water as well.

As of 10:30pm tonight, we completed the first phase of installing a replacement pump, however, we still need parts that are only available at a specialty plumbing store, which we will be at their doors when they open at 7am tomorrow morning (Sat), in hopes that they will have what we need to get back up and running by opening tomorrow at 10am.

The goal for SATURDAY, MARCH 14TH is that we are up and running by 10am, however, there are no guarantees, as a variety of things could set us back during installation.  Accordingly, please check in here on our website for updates prior to coming in for a fill.  If you call, we will do our best to pick up the phone, as we have been heavily inundated with calls and not able to get to all calls.  You can also check our social media Instagram & FaceBook @hbwatermarket.

In order to prevent another shortage of water and bottle supplies, the following will apply for a short period of time & until further notice:
* We are asking customers to wait in line outside, as we will only be able allow a limited number of customers in at one time. One member of each household will be able to fill two 5 gallon bottles max, so if you have 5 members in your household, we will not be able to allow each of the five member to fill two 5 gallon bottles, as we are trying to ensure that each family in our community has access to water during this time.

* Each customer/household will be limited to filling two 5 gallon bottle per visit. If you choose, you can return to the end of the line to fill another two 5 gallon jugs the same day, for unlimited number of times. This will help to ensure that others in our community have an opportunity to provide much needed water to their families as well.

* Due to the limited number of bottles available, we are limiting one 5 gallon bottle purchase per household each day. Once our supply chain returns to normal, you can purchase unlimited number of bottles.

*While others are waiting, please limit use of one bay at a time, so that others may have access to filling as well. If no one is waiting, feel free to fill as much as you like.

*Please limit to filling two five gallon bottles max at a time, while others are waiting. If you have more than two bottles to fill, please return to the end of the line to fill the next two bottles.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.  We appreciate you providing courtesy to other members of our community in need of water.  We look forward to returning back to regular business operations very soon.


Lauren, Dan & Staff

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