YELP Review 2/16/20
Conrad F.
Huntington Beach, CA
I’ve been going here for 20 years. They’ve only raised their price 5 cents a gallon in all these years. Practically a public service. Best water around. Clean. Taste great. Consistent. Was once working at a business where Sparklette’s came by trying to sell us water. They offered to test the water we were using which was from The Water Market. After testing it, they said said they honestly couldn’t compete with it and to keep getting our water from wherever we were getting it. End of story. Nicest people in the world working there. Have never had any issue here. Now they have this “super” (oxygenated…9. 5 Ph, Alkaline etc….) water for $2.00 a gallon. Amazing. Same water others are selling in small bottles for $6.00-$8.00. Crazy. One of best of anything in Huntington Beach.

YELP Review 6/22/19
James L.
University Park Irvine, CA
Lauren and Dan are the real deal!  I’ve been buying my water from them for years!  Lauren Is completely passionate about providing the highest quality product available for her neighbors! I recommend Water Market for anyone that cares about what they’re drinking, and if you’re drinking tap water I hope you have good health insurance!

YELP Review 6/13/19
Juan R.
Huntington Beach, CA
Water quality is absolutely perfect! And the customer service cannot get any better. Dan and Lauren are absolutely amazing! They take the time to check the quality levels everyday, I seen them change filters on a regular basis, even their ice is perfect!

YELP Review 1/23/19
Saedie S.
Buena Park, CA
I love alkaline water.  I feel like it helps to cleanse my body – my skin started glowing and it improved my digestion.  I’ve tried different brands of alkaline water.  Water Market has the best alkaline water hands down!  Fresh and clean taste.  Lauren was very kind to explain their water purification process.  Thank you water market for the best quality water!

YELP Review 8/15/18
Maddie S.
Long Beach, CA
best place on this planet to get water!!!!
amazing prices and customer service!!!!
i love this place, great location and parking!!!!!
very fast and easy!!!!!
best water and ice

Yelp Review 6/18/18
Young K.
Huntington Beach, CA
There’s a water shop across the street from my house, but I’d much rather make the extra drive to come to this water shop. I moved to HB a few years ago and luckily didn’t have to search very hard to find the best water shop in the area. The water tastes clean. Very clean. I love that there’s outside 24hr vending so I can come fill up outside of their business hours. The owners and staff are always incredibly nice and this place deserves no less than 5 stars. If you’re not getting your water from here then I feel sorry for you. 🙂

YELP Review 3/20/18
Dave M.
Orange, CA
Absolutely the BEST water around. When the owners have a passion for what they do, it shows. And the owners here care about the QUALITY of what they sell and settle for nothing but the best. They are constantly making improvements to their store to make it perform at its peak so customers get the best possible product. They are friendly and always willing to help or answer questions anyone has about the process they put the water through to ensure its high quality.

Stop paying for overpriced, lesser quality water at other places.

And give Water Market a try!

YELP Review 1/12/18
Huntington Beach, CA
I can’t use any other ice in my drinks and wish I had discovered Water Market Diamond ICE earlier in my life!!! Love the delicious water and always friendly service too!

The place is always clean & a pleasure to visit. I never have to fight for parking, since they have VIP parking right in front for customers.

I highly recommend this place! Check them out! You won’t be disappointed!

YELP Review 1/13/18
Ally B.
Huntington Beach, CA
I love this water place! There are a couple more near me but, ths costumer service here bypasses by far.  I’m always in and out in a timely fashion, I’ve even had one of the workers step in and help fill gallons to help get the line moving!

YELP Review 1/17/18
Rene M.
Huntington Beach, CA
Great water place. Been coming here for over 7 years. Have friendly staff, let you do your thing. Water tastes great, never an issue.  Parking is right in front, 1 step from the car to the water.  Carts to help you carry your water.  They even have a 24 hour outside water vending for after hours use. Recommend to anyone.

YELP Review 10/04/17
Cathy F.
Huntington Beach, CA

I seriously can’t believe how much money I was spending on bottled water that didn’t even taste that good. A whole gallon was only .30 cents here!! How is that even possible AND it tastes so good!! The owner is so knowledgeable about water too. She gave me a lesson in there process of filtration. They go above and beyond what other water stores do. You can taste the quality too.
If you haven’t tried there ice, you need to! It’s made from their water and when you put it in a drink you can’t even see it it’s so clear. They call it “diamond ice”. I swear your drinks taste better! And it’s cheaper than ice made from crappy water from the grocery store.

YELP Review 1/31/18
Alex C.
Huntington Beach, CA
Great customer service. Very clean. Been coming here for years and I’ll continue coming here forever!

YELP Review 1/14/18
Monica C.
Westminster, CA
This is the only place my family gets water from. We love the taste and the cleanness. We have been coming here for years and are never disappointed. It is located in a convenient place and there is ample parking.

YELP Review 5/10/17
Ryan F.
Orange, CA
Water Market was recommended from a friend of ours, and I’m so glad I stopped in. Lauren was very customer service oriented and extremely helpful. She’s also super knowledgeable about the filtration process and even tested some of my own water for us. I have a newborn at home and we were concerned about the water she’s been drinking. I’m now very confident my newborn, and entire family, are drinking the best water possible and I don’t have to worry about it again! Thank you!

YELP Review 6/17/17
Eileen R.
Huntington Beach, CA
This is the best water around!   When you have been  on chemo things don’t taste good, especially water and this is the only one I like…

YELP Review 7/04/17
Maeta B.
Fountain Valley, CA
Lauren was so helpful explaining the process the water goes through to get to be the cleanest water in town! Also explained how it’s better than sparkletts and under the sink RO Systems.

No better place to get the best water – think no cancer causing particles !
A bit far from my home but I’ll make the trip once a week!

YELP Review 7/26/2016
Tim S.
Huntington Beach, CA
This review is a long one coming.

Firstly, I’d like to say my family has actually purchased water here for as long as I can remember. Easily 15+ years.

——— Water Market vs Grocery store ———-

Because the water is extremely clean, free of odor, crystal clear, and devoid of whatever nasties flow through our water systems in Huntington Beach. Typically filtered water from brands like Arrowhead are minimally filtered, as the prerogative of big business is almost never to supply to best possible product to consumers, but to maximize income to shareholders. Because of this brand new bottles of Arrowhead water and other big manufacturers can often have TDS of over 100ppm, nitrates, nitrites, and phosphates are also typically present

—————- What do I use it for —————-

Besides drinking, I’ve used this water for my aquariums for a very long time. It’s particularly useful for Salt Water Reefs and FOWLR systems but also extremely beneficial for freshwater aquariums as well.. The water measures at 0 TDS each time I’ve tested it with my Hanna TDS Meter. The water is devoid of some of the harsher metals which can decimate sea-life, such as copper. Without spending nearly $500+ on a 6-stage RO/DI unit of your own, this is the cleanest water you can find.

———- Why does a TDS of Zero matter ———–

TDS Stands for “Total Dissolved Solids”, which is the makeup of organic and inorganic compounds found within the water. This is the test to instantaneously check how many pollutants are free floating within the water. Typically TDS is made up of Organic Compounds, which means dead and rotting things. This can have a significant and adverse reaction in aquariums, and is just plain gross to drink.

———- My test results with Salifert tests ———-

Ammonia ——- 0 (NH4)
Nitrites ——— 0 (N02)
Nitrate ———- 0 (N03)
Phosphate —– 0 (P04)
Copper ——— 0 (CU)
Alkalinity ——- 0 (Carbonate Hardness)
Magnesium —- 0 (Mg)
Hanna TDS —- 0

YELP Review 9/08/16
Brennan B.
Huntington Beach, CA
Best water filling station I’ve ever been to! Where do you find friendly service while bottling your water? Water Market, that’s where. Lauren was so nice and knowledgeable about the place, and the water there is clean, crisp, and delicious. Lots of faucets too so fill time is quick. Thanks guys!

YELP Review 12/14/15
Brian B.
Huntington Beach, CA
This is a good water spot. They also sell ice from their water. They have almost every size of water container. Square, round, skinny, tall, short, with or without water spouts. They have the stands to put the bottles on and they carry bottles that fit into your refrigerator. I was able to see the testing and comparing of the bottled water most of us buy. Yea we pay for some nasty water. BUT HERE THEY HAVE VERY GOOD WATER, crisp tasting water. Why pick this spot to fill up ur water jugs?? Well, friendly people and good water. Thanks