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Polycarbonate Bottles

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The FDA states that PC (Polycarbonate) bottles are rated food-grade safe.  The safest way to store your food and beverages in PC containers is to avoid exposure to heat and sunlight.  PC plastics contain a binder called Bisphenol A, which may leach due to heat & sunlight exposure, and has been linked to a wide-range of health concerns.  PC is commonly used in food and beverage containers, however, due to the growing health concerns about BPA in recent years, BPA-free plastics have become more readily available and widely used by consumers.

PC bottles are popular for the following reasons:
*Less costly than other options, like BPA-free bottles
*They are tougher & last longer than commonly used plastics like BPA-free and PET (polyethylene terephthalateon)
*Up until recently, there were very few other options available
*Many consumers are not aware of health concerns with PC, as it pertains to exposure to heat & sunlight

We carry a wide-range of bottles, including PC, BPA-Free, Italian & American-made glass ranging in sizes from .5 – 5 gallons.  Stop by our store to see all of our options!

Learn about the adverse effects of BPA contaminants in products we consume. 

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