Oxygen Is Vital To Our Health & Beauty

Every cell in our body needs oxygen and water to survive & thrive.  A low-oxygen & water environment deprives the cells of essential nutrients needed for energy to clean and rebuild.  As a result, our body fluids and blood becomes dirty and toxic.  Lack of oxygen weakens every bodily system and is the main cause of disease.  It weakens the immune system, which can lead to viral infections, pathogenic bacteria, DNA mutations, inflammation, heart disease, toxic buildup in the blood flow, and premature aging.

How Our Body Utilizes Oxygen

When we inhale, oxygen from the air, what we breathe is diffused through membranes and into red blood cells.  The oxygen-rich blood then circulates throughout the body and finds tissues in need of oxygen.

Enzymes in the body combine with the oxygen molecules and initiate many metabolic (i.e. oxidative) processes in the body.  One of the waste products of oxidation is carbon dioxide, which is then released from the cells into the blood.  It combines with hemoglobin and bicarbonates and is transported back to the lungs, where we exhale the carbon dioxide waste — then the process starts all over again.  Although we are in a time of mask-wearing, I personally avoid wearing masks whenever possible, in order to avoid inhaling the very harmful carbon dioxide waste, which my body works so hard to get rid of in order to protect me from oxidation, which accelerates the aging process.  Oxidation from carbon dioxide is very harmful, and drastically ages the trillions of cells in our body, as well as the cells of all living things, including fruits & vegetables.  When you see fruit beginning rot, that is aging/oxidation happening right before your eyes.

Oxygen Supports Body Detoxification

Health in the human body depends to a large degree on how efficiently nutrients can be absorbed and utilized at the cellular level, as well as how effectively the toxins and wastes can be removed.  Our proprietary ReMineralized, Oxygenated Alkaline water is restructured which makes the water molecules smaller and more bio-available, allowing for the nutrient & oxygen-rich water molecules to easily pass through cell walls for increased absorption throughout the body, while at the same time, enhancing the removal of toxins.

Cellular waste is removed from the body in several ways.  Part of the waste is dissolved in water and transported to the kidneys and liver for filtration.  It is then eliminated through the urine and bowels.  Toxins are also excreted from the body through perspiration.  Our Alkaline water is chemical-free and a great vessel to help increase the elimination of toxins allowing for a higher rate of detoxification.

Some of the most toxic poisons in the body can only be “burned up” and neutralized through oxidation.  This is the job of oxygen-rich red blood cells that circulate from the lungs and into the deeper organs and glands of the body.  Our Oxygenated Alkaline water helps to increase oxygen to red blood cells.  When oxygen enters our blood cells, it pushes out toxins leaving us looking and feeling healthier!

You can minimize your exposure to environmental toxins by drinking clean chemical & plastic-free water, which includes avoiding any plastic pre-bottled water, and this includes water delivery, as most pre-bottled water is stored outside in cages exposed to heat & sunlight for long periods of time at one point or another in their life cycle prior to consumer use.  Learn why this is so critical here.  You can also use air purifiers in your environment, eating organic foods, using toxic-free personal care products, etc.  Having an oxygen rich & hydra-balanced body is the best way to increase cellular health & rejuvenation and prevent disease.

From my own personal experience, after drinking our proprietary Aqua Bella Alkaline Water for only one week, I noticed a great deal more energy, more mental clarity and my favorite part, my skin looks way more supple & vibrant…it even helped to plump up my skin & lips!  I am truly amazed by the immediate results!  Beauty & health starts from the inside out!  Treat your body & skin to our oxygenated chemical-free Alkaline water today!