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We utilize the highest quality ISO & NSF certified filters made right here in the USA!  US-made FDA approved products are held to the highest standards in the world and we wouldn’t settle for anything less!  Simply put, our filters do what they are intended to do.

Filters made outside of the US have very little to zero manufacturing regulatory compliance.  Many foreign manufacturers can virtually put any label they want on their products, with no consequence if the information is misleading or downright false.  This lack of regulation can be detrimental to our health.

Aside from possible risks related to foreign-made filters, another big problem is that counterfeit water filters are being sold online every day.  These products may appear identical to those sold by legitimate manufacturers, their performance is anything but.  Counterfeit filters are illegal, and often don’t deliver on their promises or function near the level of authentic filters.  In many cases, they can even be worse than using no filters at all.  Counterfeit or poorly made foreign filters may deposit unknown chemicals, trace amounts of heavy metals and other unknown debris into our drinking water.

Impurities found in some parts of the US water supply, such as lead, asbestos, pesticides and insecticides may not be filtered out by counterfeit or deceptively labeled filters.  Even scarier is the fact that the consumer may not have any indication that these and other contaminants are not being removed from the water they drink. The water doesn’t look any different, so consumers assume it is being filtered.

What is NSF/ANSI Certification?

NSF (National Safety Foundation) standards set important benchmarks for water safety and even aesthetics and taste.  Certification is designed to offer evidence that a business, brand or product is effectively delivering products and services that increase water quality and taste and that promises and claims made by the brand are 100% accurate.  Certification improves consumer safety and confidence and ensures that a quality product is being delivered. Both aesthetics (NSF/ANSI 42) and safety (NSF/ANSI 53) are included in the standard certification testing by this public health and safety group.  These important benchmarks cover everything from heavy metals to inorganics and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs).

We not only use the highest quality US-made filters, but we change our filters once every 1-2 months, sometimes twice a month, depending on volume, however, it is not uncommon in the consumer water business to change filters once every 8 months-1 year.  When we remove our filters from their housings, they are still clean and would be considered new by most in the industry.  We never allow our filters to build up with grime & bacteria.

We believe that it is our moral responsibility to maintain the highest standards in drinking water for our community and surrounding cities.  We also believe it is your right to have transparency with regards to the quality of water we produce, which is why we publicly post our maintenance records in our store for your review.

We also send our water out to an independent lab every 6 months to test for water quality.  The reports can be challenging to comprehend, unless you are one of our customers with a chemistry or medical background, but if you are interested in reading them, they are also available for review.