For your convenience, we have 24/7 water vending machines with EIGHT filling bays; all with direct pull-up parking. Our Purified vending bays are on the East side of the building next to Cancun Mexican restaurant. Our Alkaline vending bays are on the North side next to our front door. 

PURIFIED WATER VENDING is .40 per gallon
(1gal= .40 / 2gal= .80 / 3gal= 1.20 / 5gal= 2.00)

Purified vending machines accept the following forms of payment:
*$1 paper bills (no $1 or .50 coins – REMEMBER TO BRING CASH!!!)
* .25
* .10
* .05
(Exact change not necessary; machine refunds change)
Two of our three Purified Vending machines accepts:
* Credit cards
* ApplePay
* Debit
* Cash

OXYGENATED ALKALINE WATER VENDING is $2 per gallon (1gal= $2  / 2gal= $4  / 3gal= $6 / 5gal= $10)
Oxygenated Alkaline water vending machine accepts the following:
* Credit cards
* ApplePay
* Debit
* $1 & $5 bills (Outside Alkaline vending temporarily not accepting cash. Cash inside only.)
**When using credit cards, ApplePay & Debit, you may see a temporary hold on your card for $10.10, regardless of the amount of water purchased. This hold will be released within 1-2 days, and you will see that you are only charged for the amount of water purchased, plus the .10 service fee.

 How to operate vending:
*Place bottle in either side A or B
*Insert money or swipe card
*Identify corresponding buttons for either side A or B where your bottle is
*Press the button/number that corresponds to your gallon size; 1, 2, 3 or 5 gallons

We are open for business 6 days a week.  If you would like us to fill your bottles inside the store, we’d love to see you & are more than happy to do so!  Please see our hours of operation here.

*Please DO NOT leave behind or throw GLOVES & DISINFECTANT WIPES on the ground. Please take them with you or appropriately dispose in a nearby trash bin. It is highly disrespectful to others, nature & our business to litter, especially during these times when EVERYONE is doing their best to stay healthy & virus-free.

*You can use both bays at the same time; you’ll just need to do payment for each bay separately.

***Please always CLOSE vending doors before leaving***

*Per Health Department guidelines, you should only use clean bottles at any filling station. You should come with bottles already rinsed out and clean prior to filling.

If our water is the only water, or the last water that you filled your bottles with, then your bottles should be clean. It is good practice to put your lids back on after each use. Some people like to leave their lids off for fear of their bottles getting a funny odor. Our water is very clean & void of bacteria, so that won’t happen. It is best to leave your lids on to avoid dust, debris or other contaminants from entering our bottles.

Do you have green algae growing inside of your bottles? Learn how to get rid of it & avoid it moving forward. Click here.