If you are currently under medical care, you should first consult with your medical care physician before making any major changes to your daily regimen.


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Customers often ask me how much Aqua Bella Alkaline Water they should drink?

In Summary, my daily water regimen is as follows & how you can start:
For the first two weeks, drink Aqua Bella Alkaline water only…
1. Drink an 8oz glass as soon as you wake up each morning.  Keep a glass on the nightstand each night before going to bed as a reminder.
2. Drink another 8oz glass while getting ready for the day.  Try to finish with a 2nd glass before heading out the door.  If you have a long commute, wait till you get to the office/destination to drink your 2nd glass.
3. Throughout the day, try taking big gulps of water at least every 10-15 minutes.  In the beginning, it might help to set reminders to help keep you on track.  Before you know it, your body will crave water and you will no longer need reminders.
4. After the first 2 weeks of drinking Aqua Bella only, try to alternate every other glass between Alkaline & Ultra Purified.
5. Every time you start to feel hungry, tired or experience a mental block, take another big gulp of either alkaline or Ultra Purified Water and you’ll notice your hunger subside and you will feel re-energized & have better mental clarity almost immediately!  I find that Aqua Bella is more effective for clearing mental blocks, due to the increased oxygen.
6. During lunch and 30 minutes after, drink Ultra Purified Water to allow your stomach to digest your meal.
7. After this time period, you can go back to drinking a glass of alkaline water, by alternating or you can switch to alkaline water for the remainder of your day until dinner time, which is when you will switch back to Ultra Purified Water and for 30 min after dinner.
8. 2-3 hours before bed, switch to alkaline water only, so that your cells can get the maximum hydration, oxygen & nano-nutrients during their recuperation and recovery mode.
9. Wake up looking and feeling amazing!!!
10. Repeat!

From my own personal experience, I saw amazing results from doing the following:
For the first two weeks that I began drinking our Aqua Bella Alkaline Water, I stopped drinking our Ultra Purified Water and drank Aqua Bella Alkaline Water only.

After the first week of drinking Aqua Bella only, I noticed a few pimples appear on my forehead.  I was like, “what the heck is going on here?!”  I was a bit perplexed, because I rarely ever get pimples.  After discussing this with a a couple of friends who knew I was doing the alkaline water experiment, they pointed out that my body must be detoxing.  The light bulb finally went off, duh!  Yes, I was clearly detoxing!  Despite having the few unwanted pimples on my forehead, I was actually really excited, because I knew that my body was getting rid of toxins.  So, during this first week, aside from the pimples, I noticed that the rest of my skin looked extra smooth and polished. It was clear at this point, that there were already visible benefits of Aqua Bella Alkaline Water and I had to continue, excited about additional benefits I might experience.

By my second week, the pimples were almost gone and my skin was looking so AMAZING!  My skin literally looked like I had a facial with microdermabrasion!  Reality is, I haven’t had a facial in over 2.5 years!  I now get more compliments on my skin, than I ever have!

After my first two weeks of drinking Aqua Bella only, I began adding our Ultra Purified Water back into my daily water regimen.  I try to drink 50% alkaline water and 50% Ultra Purified Water.  On some days when I leave the house, all I have with me is alkaline water, so I may drink 70% alkaline water on those days, but as an example of what you may want to do to moderate how much you are drinking, if you drink 8 glasses of water each day, drink 4 glasses of alkaline, and 4 glasses of Ultra Purified Water.  If its only feasible for me to take one water container with me before I head out, I’ll always opt for Aqua Bella Alkaline Water, because I’m typically juggling a lot on my plate, so I need all the hydration & mental clarity I can get!  I personally like to start every morning off with 1-2 glasses of alkaline water, then I mix it up during the rest of the day, until I get to the evenings, which you will read more about a few paragraphs below.

Each night, I put an 8oz glass of Aqua Bella Alkaline Water on my night stand next to my bed, so that I am reminded to drink a glass as soon as I got out of bed.  Yes, I drink an entire glass first thing every morning!  In doing this, I notice that I immediately feel energized and ready to tackle the rest of my busy day!  How you start you day off, can set the tone for how productive you will be for the rest of your day!

I usually take a few vitamins in the morning, like Omega 3s, tumeric and curcumin, so I take these with an 8oz glass of Aqua Bella Alkaline Water.  By this point in my day, I’m only 10 to 15 minutes into my morning routine and I have already had 2 full 8oz glasses of water!  Yay for me!  I’m already well on my way to hitting my daily water goal!!!  That’s .5 – 1 gallon every day!  You can do it too!

So, after the first two weeks of drinking Aqua Bella Alkaline Water only, I started integrating Ultra Purified Water in during meals and 30 minutes after meals.  I then resume drinking alkaline water pretty much the rest of my day, other than maybe a glass or two of Ultra Purified Water here and there.  Even though we integrated a number of digestive and antibacterial components in Aqua Bella Alkaline water, the reason that I switch off of Alkaline water during meals and 30 minutes after, is to help ensure that meals have a good opportunity to digest.  Alkaline water is great for helping to bring balance back to elevated acids in our body, however, acid, especially in our stomach is important for digestion and protects us from airborne bacteria and pathogens.  So, even with benefits of stomach acid for digestion in mind, just to see what, if any affects it would have on my digestion, during my first two weeks of drinking Aqua Bella Alkaline, I did not switch back to Ultra Purified Water during meals at all.  Fortunately, I did not, experience any issues, however, I do believe that everything should be done in moderation, so it’s best to apply understanding and knowledge of how our body functions, so practice common sense.

Back to my daily water regimen:  I especially like to switch back to drinking Aqua Bella Alkaline Water in the evenings some time between 5-7pm, depending when I have dinner and plan to go to bed.  I try not to drink too much water after 7pm, so that I’m not  up using the restroom throughout the night.  So why do I especially like Aqua Bella Alkaline Water in the evenings?  It’s super simple science & biology; when we go to sleep, this is when our body is in recuperation & cell recovery mode.  This is the best time to help our cells do their best work, by hydrating our cells, infusing our cells with extra oxygen and nutrients, which are key for our cells to produce optimal collagen & elastin, among many other vital duties!  The result?  Amazing polished, plumped-up looking-skin and lips!  Mornings just got more beautiful!  Hey there good-lookin’!

While I was into my 3rd week of drinking Aqua Bella Alkaline Water, I noticed that my once dry, pealing flat lips were now plump and hydrated like they were when I was much younger!  I couldn’t believe the amazing results!  I had been suffering from cracked dry lips for at least the past 15 years, and I had tried every lip gloss, chapstick & other products on the market, and till this point, nothing else worked!  Hail Aqua Bella…the crusader for full supple puckers!  The net benefit, more beautiful and youthful looking skin!

Here’s a video about how Aqua Bella helped plump up my lips and skin. Enjoy!

Where there is water, there is life.  Where there is clean water, there is quality of life.