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Emergency Water Storage

By September 5, 2021 No Comments

As mentioned in our Emergency Preparedness Guidelines, having an ample supply of clean water is a top priority in an emergency situation.  Different resources may recommend storing different amounts of water per person per day, anywhere from 1-2 gallons per person, per day, and plan for anywhere between 3-14 days. Regardless, it is always wise to store more than you need, for the maximum amount of time you can, given your capability to do so.

Other than our recommendation to store Purified Water that is high-quality, chemical & bacteria-free in clean food-grade containers, the following are some creative ways to maximizing your ability to store emergency water.

  1. Use canning jars for storing water. If you already have canning jars sitting on your shelves empty, why not store water in them until you do your next canning batch. You can utilize the water in the jars to fill your canner to the 2″ mark, or use the water to make the soups or stews that you’ll be canning.
  2. Empty food jars that are void of food smells. If you don’t mind your water smelling like pasta, then it’s ok, as long as the jar is completely sanitized & clean. Glass is impermeable, so you should be able to get most glass jars rid of any food odors, however, pickle jars might be a little more challenging, but a good soak in hot water & white vinegar, then a run through the dishwasher may do the trick.
  3. Plastic soda bottles can be used, if you have no other option, but you do have to make sure that you only use clean chemical-free water, like the water we produce, otherwise, any chemicals in lightly filtered water can cause the plastic to breakdown and leach into your water.

Storage Options:

  1. Use under-bed storage containers with wheels, so you can easily pull them out for storage & access. Under-bed storage also protects plastic bottles from heat & sunlight, which can cause plastic to leach. These storage containers are pretty inexpensive at Target or Walmart.
  2. Store in stackable crates. Walmart carries them for around $5 each.
  3. Store in lower shelves of cabinets that rarely get used/accessed.
  4. If you store emergency water in your car, only use glass bottles. Heat from your car will cause the plastic to leach if storing plastic bottles.

We strongly advise against storing cases of pre-bottled water for drinking, due to the long lifecycle before they get to the consumer, because of the chemicals typically inherent in plastic pre-bottled water. You can learn more here. These cases of water are, however, great to have around for hygiene, washing, and drinking only if you run out of your safer source of drinking water.

Store in an easily accessible, cool, location away from direct & indirect sunlight.  Cover with towels if your storage is exposed to sunlight, as sunlight may promote algae growth.  Our Purified Water can be stored for at least 5 years.  If for any reason you do not have access to our water for storage, be sure to cycle through your water supply every six months to ensure it remains safe for an emergency.