• Causes brain damage
  • Linked to lower IQ through fetal brain damage
  • Linked to Autism, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and more
  • Inhibits child brain development
  • Increases aluminum in the brain, and formation of beta-amyloid deposits which are associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Accumulates in the pineal gland at high levels, effecting hormone & melatonin levels
  • Slows down thyroid function, causing many adverse effects, including weight gain
  • Causes depression & fatigue
  • Linked to muscle and joint pains
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Heart disease
  • Causes Skeletal fluorosis (a fluoride-induced bone & joint disease), which mimics the symptoms of arthritis
  • Damages bones, making people more vulnerable to bone fractures
  • Has been linked to infertility
  • Damages kidneys

You can see why the removal of fluoride is an extremely critical step in our water purification process.

Unlike many brands on the market, our Aqua Bella Alkaline & Purified Water are chemical & plastic-FREE.  Your body is nearly 70% water, so the quality of your drinking water has a HUGE impact on your your health & skin.

To ensure the removal of fluoride, as well as hundreds of other harmful chemicals & pharmaceuticals from drinking water, we go above and beyond industry standards by utilizing, not just one, but two of the industry’s most effective methods for removing chemical contaminants; Reverse Osmosis & Deionizing.

  • Reverse Osmosis removes up to 99% of fluoride:  Most systems on the market utilize 1-2 small membranes; We utilize 4 commercial-sized membranes, which extracts fluoride and other harmful chemicals & pharmaceuticals.
  • Deionization removes up to 95% of fluoride:  We utilize proprietary resin to dramatically increase the removal of fluoride & other harmful chemicals, which are extremely difficult to remove, if not nearly impossible, through any other method.

We only utilize the highest grade US-made NSF Certified filters.

We never compromise on quality.