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BPA Contaminants In Pre-bottled Water

By January 9, 2020 4 Comments

BPA (Bisphenol A) has only been in the news in recent years for the harm it has been causing consumer for many years, but the chemical has actually been around for about 120 years. BPA was first synthesized by chemists in 1891 for pharmaceutical use.

In the late 1930’s, scientists discovered that BPA acted as an artificial estrogen…YES!, estrogen…the female hormone!  This estrogen impostor was intended for use as a pharmaceutical hormone, however a more potent synthetic estrogen called DES was invented, precluding the use of BPA for this purpose. In what should have been a warning signal to the potential toxicity of BPA, DES was taken off the market when it was linked to reproductive cancers in babies born to mothers taking the chemical. (Decades later, similar toxic properties are being linked to BPA.)  What’s worse is DES would have been prescribed by doctors and only effecting those who were knowingly taking it, however, BPA is exposing the general public to high levels of chemical contaminants everyday through pre-bottled water, food containers, etc, so the effects are more pervasive and detrimental than we may know for years to come.

The use of BPA in plastics would not take place for another twenty years. In the 1950’s BPA began to appear in plastic consumer products throughout the world. For over 60 years, BPA has been used in the manufacturing of plastic without any law or regulation establishing its safety. In fact, although the Toxic Substances Control Act was passed by congress in 1976, it labeled BPA a “grandfather” chemical which means is was never evaluated, regulated and presumed safe by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Due to what we know today about BPA, it is critical to avoid using water that is pre-bottled in plastic.  The majority of water bottles sitting on grocery store shelves were bottled long before making their way across the country on the back of hot delivery trucks to the consumer.  In order to get products to market faster & for efficiency of production and shipping, water bottles are typically packed and stored in hot warehoused for six months or more, prior to shipping out to grocery store warehouse or their outdoor storage cages, which further expose the water to chemical leaching.  As you can imagine, by the time this water is consumed, it is loaded with harmful leached plastic.  Another fact is, most pre-bottled water is only “lightly” filtered, meaning that only the floating stuff & smell of chemicals is removed/mitigated, but the chemicals are still in the water.  This further aids in the accelerated breakdown of the chemicals in plastic bottles.

BPA is also tied to inhibiting brain development during pregnancy and after, so it is vital that mothers avoid using pre-bottled water during pregnancy, as well as avoid giving to children during critical brain-development stages.

BPA has been linked to cancer and many other long-term illnesses, so it is best to avoid using any pre-bottled water bottles at any stage in your life. Simply make a change by filling up with freshly made water.  This allows you to cut out the risks of contaminants in your water, as well as keeping more money in your household and avoiding future doctor’s visits due to BPA exposure.

With the fact that BPA is a synthetic female hormone, imagine the damage is is causing to men and most basic male functions, like energy and libido.  BPA has also been directly linked to men developing “man-boobs”.  This is a physical manifestation of the damage BPA is causing internally, which is the body’s natural way of signaling something is very wrong internally.  Pay attention and listen to your body…it has a lot to say and it’s your own best advocate.

BPA has been linked to ovarian & breast cancer as well.  It also causes major confusion to our internal biology and may inhibit/block the natural production of estrogen, causing women to go through early menopause, as well as develop premature aging of the skin & dark spots, due to confused hormonal signals.

Just like a person abusing drugs, their body receives a rush of synthetically generated infusion of dopamine, which functions as a neurotransmitter, giving the user that feeling of being high. Over a short period of usage, their body will try to get back into balance and will  signal itself to lower or stop the production of dopamines.  This actually changes and rewires the person’s brain, as well as causes depression and the inability to feel happiness or excitement.   When women ingest synthetic estrogen, their body will recognize the infusion of estrogen and may lower or stop the development of this vital hormone, causing the body to become off balance, effecting many aspects of our health, including emotional and mental well-being.  Your body is nearly 70% water…how do you think this effects your health?  Please take this information to heart and share it with everyone you know and love…it could help save lives.

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