Our Crazy Idea…

Small business, family owned & operated

We are proud to be home of Orange County’s first water store!…”The OG of the OC!”

We have had the great honor of serving Surf City & surrounding cities for more than 25 years.

We believe that clean and affordable water should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their demographic or financial means. As we say here at the Water Market, where there is water, there is life; where there is clean water, there is quality of life. We all deserve to live a healthy & happy life…since our body is nearly 70% water, clean water is key. 

At the inception of our business, many thought we were crazy!  Health concerns about drinking water from the tap, pre-bottled delivery & store-bought bottled water was not yet widely known about, as it is today.  These days, consumers are much more educated about the wide-range of harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals & contaminants in water sources, as well as the major health concerns with BPA plastic leaching into pre-bottled water.  People have also become more environmentally aware of the issues that plastic bottles pose in our landfills and on our planet as a whole. 

Needless to say, with limited public awareness at the time, we definitely had little demand, as well as our fair share of reservations and self-doubt; but knew we could not let the market dictate what we knew was a vital need in our community, so we persevered & pushed forward.  Our personal calling to supply clean, healthy & affordable water to our community was bigger & more powerful than any of our worse doubts.

Through perseverance and the support from our health-conscious customers, to date, we have served more than four generations of local families.  These families believed in our purpose and gave us the opportunity to continue with our vision.  We are extremely humbled by this amazing journey, and are dedicated to continuing to provide the healthiest products to our community.

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