About Our Water & ICE

AQUA BELLA 9.5+/- pH

Unlike any alkaline water on the market…we take ultra hydrating water to its pinnacle…get more radiant skin in just weeks!

(1 gallon size bottles .60 each. Volume discount on 2 gallon size or larger .50/gal)

  • We use the industry’s most effective method for removing Fluoride, harmful chemicals & pharmaceuticals – Reverse Osmosis
  • We have 4 commercial-sized R/O membranes. Most R/O systems have 1-2 small membranes
  • Aside from R/O, for increased safety, we also use Deionizing for removing Fluoride & other harmful chemicals & pharmaceuticals
  • We only use the highest quality US-made ISO & NSF-certified filters (International Standards Organization for Manufacturing & National Sanitation Foundation)
  • We utilize more filters than the average commercial water purification system
  • We change our filters every 1-2 months; sometimes twice a month, depending on volume
  • We use a germicidal UV light, which is commonly used to disinfect medical/surgical equipment, to destroy mold spores, micro-organisms & bacteria
  • Our water is also Ozonated – used in the medical field to speed recovery time, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
  • Additionally, our water is Energized with Chi Orgone Life Force Energy – known to enhance Law of Attraction; balanced Ying & Yang/Prana


Our Diamond ICE is so clean & pure that you can see right through our cubes in a glass of water, hence the name Diamond ICE…so rare & shiny, it’s like having 20 karat diamonds in your drink!

Our Diamond ICE is made with the same Premium Ultra Purified Water, so it is chemical-FREE, tastes great and shines bright like a diamond!  Gone are the days of melted ice ruining your perfectly good beverage.  No more floaties or the horrible chemical taste…just clean, healthy beverages!

So, the next time you head to a party, show off a bit!  Bring some major bling & treat everyone to 20 karat diamonds!  You’ll be the shining star of the party!


Not all Alkaline High pH water is made the same…the clean & healthy way!

Typically, Alkaline water is made from unfiltered or lightly filtered tap water, which leaves behind Fluoride and many other harmful chemicals & pharmaceuticals; calcium and/or Magnesium powder is then added to temporarily raise the pH level, typically for only 3-5 days, while our water will remain high pH for about three months.  This commonly used method can be misleading, as the water when tested for pH, may register Alkaline and when measured for ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), may read at desirable levels, however, this does not change the fact that there are still many harmful chemicals in the water.  This defeats the purpose of drinking Alkaline water to improve health & hydration.  When our body consumes anything foreign, like chemicals or GMO foods, our body does not recognize it & gets confused, therefore it wants to either reject it, or hold on to it, but either way, it does not allow for proper hydration or nutrition, which is why it is so important to start with Ultra Purified water.

We believe that it is imperative to start with Ultra Purified Water and we wouldn’t do it any other way.  It is critical to remove Fluoride, Chlorine, Chloramines and hundreds of other harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, etc from water before we naturally Alkalize & ReMineralize our water.

Once our water is chemical-free via our proprietary state-of-the-art 9 stage purification process, we utilize a selection of 9 critical media platforms, which are unique to our store,  to naturally Alkalize our water. The result is Alkaline water that is clean, healthy & superior to any Alkalized water on the market.


  • Plumps-up lips & skin…see smoother skin & dewy glow in just weeks!
  • Antioxidant – protects the body from cell damaging free radicals
  • Declustered water molecules for smaller more bio-available water clusters, increasing hydration
  • Anti-aging, keeps hair & skin healthy and radiant; helps clear acne
  • Inhibits mouth bacteria & bad breath…kiss morning breath good bye!
  • Oxygenated for more fuel to the body’s trillions of cells
  • Nano trace minerals allows for instant absorption to cells
  • Enhances & speeds recovery time from injury or illness
  • Helps regulate hormone function
  • Helps digestion & supports detoxification
  • Increases oxygen capacity to blood
  • Increases oxygen & nutrients in your cells, resulting in increased muscle strength
  • Increases vitality & mental/emotional stability
  • Improves stress tolerance
  • Essential for bone growth & prevention of osteoporosis
  • Antibacterial, kills germs, enhances immune function
  • Adds zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium and over 20 other trace minerals
  • Enhanced Law of Attraction; Attract & Gravitate towards positive energy; Exude with Charisma & JoyWater fills available 24/7!!!

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It is no secret that tap water is contaminated with bacteria, fluoride and hundreds of harmful chemicals & pharmaceuticals.  Many of these contaminants are nearly impossible to remove from our municipal water sources.  Because these contaminants pose a risk to human health, in an effort to mitigate the adverse health effects, the U.S. EPA has set standards for more than 80 contaminants that may occur in drinking water. The contaminants fall into two categories, based on the health effects that they cause; acute & chronic.

Some common waterborne contaminants include:

These contaminants can have an immediate and long-term adverse effect on our health, which is why we have gone through a great deal of effort to implement & maintain the highest standards of water purification.

Data/Information provided by: The Water Quality Association